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Results Are In; Conference One Week Away

I am excited to announce that my research on location-based services has produced several significant results! My research co-author Tim Brown, PhD has crunched the numbers and we are getting the results ready for next week’s conference presentation.

Curious about the results? I will be sure to post a link to our findings here once the project is completed.

I am also excited to be presenting these results as part of the University of South Carolina’s Convergence and Society Conference, coming up in just one week. I’m hoping to meet Dr. Augie Grant (scholar and Conference Chair) and maybe some of my other favorite communications researchers. More updates to come!

Presenting Research at National Conference

University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina

I have officially been accepted to present my research this fall at the Convergence and Society Conference at the University of South Carolina!

I will be presenting the results of my survey on using location-based services like Foursquare, Google Latitude, and Facebook Places on smartphones.

I received more than 400 survey responses from all around the world–thank you to all who participated!