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DIY Harry Potter photo booth – Platform 9¾

Calling all witches and wizards! Cast a spell at your Harry Potter theme party with this DIY photo booth of Platform 9¾.

Gingerbread Clock Tower on Fox-35 News

Christmas came early this year! Fox-35’s David Martin interviewed me about my gingerbread house entry for the Festival of Trees, and I caught him red-handed messing with the displays.

Designing a Gingerbread Clock Tower

It’s a pinch of steampunk, a dash of Gothic… and a LOT of sweet! See how I custom built this two-foot-tall Clock Tower gingerbread house for the Orlando Museum of Art.

DIY – How to make gothic boots

See how I transformed a pair of cheap thrift store boots into some more sinister soles for less than $15.

DIY Rabbit Cake for “New Girl” Theme Party

Jessica Day’s cell phone is so darn cute you just want to eat it up. Well, NOW YOU CAN.

How to Make a Gold Frame for a “New Girl” Theme Party

Learn how to recreate your own “New Girl” frame and banners using paper, printer ink, and foam board. An absolute must-have for your “New Girl” theme party or Jessica Day Halloween costume!

Mother’s Day: From Video to Still to Art

This Mother’s Day called for something special. I wanted to give her something that would remind her every day what it meant to me to have her as my mother. I decided to transform a moment from a home video of my grandparents into a piece of art.

New website, new blog

The new look for my online portfolio

As Wordpress might have me say–Hello, World! You’re looking at my new blog.

Re-launch of UCF’s “Knightly News”

For my final project in my TV Branding course at UCF, I gave the university’s student-run newscast Knightly News a makeover.