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My Photography Featured by Local Printmaker

There’s something lavish about the raised lettering and hand-rolled inking technique that printmaker Ashley Taylor brings to her work. Something that begs for a closeup!

Shot with Nikon D70, Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 lens

Photo by Kristen Fortenberry

Photo by Kristen Fortenberry


Photos © 2012 Kristen Fortenberry

Orlando printmaker and graphic designer Ashley Taylor recently featured my photography of her letterpress work in her portfolio. This comes as quite an honor for me–not just because Ashley is incredibly talented, but because the she created the pieces manually using a vintage Vandercook No. 4 Proof press. That’s printmaker speak for, “Sweet!”

The Vandercook No. 4 Proof press used by Ashley is more than a half century old.

VAndercook No. 4 Proof press

How she made it

The invitations were printed in letterpress style, a relief method of printing both text and image. Ashley first created the image on a computer, then exposed the image onto a plate, and then hand painted the plate using mixed oil-based inks. The rest is in the press!

Ashley says it took a couple days to print all the pieces and a few days to finish the project featured here. She was assisted by fellow printmaker Adrian Gonzalez.

About Ashley

Ashley has been printmaking for four years, beginning with her second year of college at the University of Central Florida. She recently completed her BFA in Graphic Design at UCF and is now moving on to earn her MFA degree in Studio Art at the University of Florida.

She says her MFA experience will be “printmaking all the way, looking forward to focusing on drawing and printmaking as a whole. I’ll be working on new ideas, bringing together my passion for intaglio and relief printmaking with new processes.”

But wait… there’s more!

Ashley is also working on a project to help printmakers collaborate together from around the globe, called PRINTMAKR. Keep an eye out for the up and coming website sure to check out Ashley’s Behance portfolio–this girl can print!