Hiking and Driving Scenic Oregon

View of the Columbia River Gorge as I hiked up the Multnomah Falls Trail

My journey driving along the Columbia River Gorge, climbing Mt. Tom Dick and Harry, and crossing the Bridge of the Gods in Oregon.

DIY Harry Potter photo booth – Platform 9¾

Hogwarts & Hedwig! DIY Harry Potter photo booth tutorial @ KristenFortenberry.com

Calling all witches and wizards! Cast a spell at your Harry Potter theme party with this DIY photo booth of Platform 9¾.

Gingerbread Clock Tower on Fox-35 News


Christmas came early this year! Fox-35’s David Martin interviewed me about my gingerbread house entry for the Festival of Trees, and I caught him red-handed messing with the displays.

Designing a Gingerbread Clock Tower


It’s a pinch of steampunk, a dash of Gothic… and a LOT of sweet! See how I custom built this two-foot-tall Clock Tower gingerbread house for the Orlando Museum of Art.

DIY – How to make gothic boots


See how I transformed a pair of cheap thrift store boots into some more sinister soles for less than $15.

DIY Rabbit Cake for “New Girl” Theme Party


Jessica Day’s cell phone is so darn cute you just want to eat it up. Well, NOW YOU CAN.

How to Make a Gold Frame for a “New Girl” Theme Party

New Girl theme party

Learn how to recreate your own “New Girl” frame and banners using paper, printer ink, and foam board. An absolute must-have for your “New Girl” theme party or Jessica Day Halloween costume!

CuteOverload.com Features My Feline Photo

My photo of Spider-Man the cat makes the cover story on CuteOverload.com.

My “cat-loaf” photo lands the front page of CuteOverload.com.

My Photography Featured by Local Printmaker


There’s something lavish about the raised lettering and hand-rolled inking technique that printmaker Ashley Taylor brings to her work. Something that begs for a closeup! Shot with Nikon D70, Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 lens   Photos © 2012 Kristen Fortenberry Orlando printmaker and graphic designer Ashley Taylor recently featured my photography of her letterpress work in

Mother’s Day: From Video to Still to Art

A still from the video of my grandparents dancing.

This Mother’s Day called for something special. I wanted to give her something that would remind her every day what it meant to me to have her as my mother. I decided to transform a moment from a home video of my grandparents into a piece of art.

New website, new blog

The new look for my online portfolio

As Wordpress might have me say–Hello, World! You’re looking at my new blog.

Results Are In; Conference One Week Away

I am excited to announce that my research on location-based services has produced several significant results! My research co-author Tim Brown, PhD has crunched the numbers and we are getting the results ready for next week’s conference presentation. Curious about the results? I will be sure to post a link to our findings here once

Presenting Research at National Conference

University of South Carolina

I have officially been accepted to present my research this fall at the Convergence and Society Conference at the University of South Carolina! I will be presenting the results of my survey on using location-based services like Foursquare, Google Latitude, and Facebook Places on smartphones. I received more than 400 survey responses from all around

“Checking out Checking In:” Launching My Survey


This week marks the culmination of months of hard work–the launch of my research survey! I have spent the past five months researching how and why people use location-based services on their smartphones–apps like Foursquare, Facebook Places, and Yelp. Some people use these apps to check in to places, earn badges, and see where their

Re-launch of UCF’s “Knightly News”


For my final project in my TV Branding course at UCF, I gave the university’s student-run newscast Knightly News a makeover.